Each book is a new book. I’ve never written it before and I have to teach myself how to write it as I go along. The fact that I’ve written books in the past seems to play no part in it. I always feel like a beginner and I’m continually running into the same difficulties, the same blocks, the same despairs. You make so many mistakes as a writer, cross out so many bad sentences and ideas, discard so many worthless pages, that finally what you learn is how stupid you are. It’s a humbling occupation.

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Megan Whalen TurnerThe Queen’s Thief Series

One of the best, most well-thought-of and well-written fantasy series I have ever read. All of the characters are so well-nuanced, the plot both intricate and grand, and the writing eloquent and precious. These books legitimately merit a second, even a third read, just so one can fully absorb the intelligence of the plot. I do not know why I haven’t read this before now, but I regret the years that I didn’t know such beautiful books existed. Everyone should read this.


Yes. A thousand times YES.

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“No killing,” Jordan said. “We’re trying to make you feel peaceful, so you don’t go up in flames. Blood, killing, war, those are all non-peaceful things. Isn’t there anything else you like? Rainforests? Chirping birds?”

“Weapons,” said Jace. “I like weapons.”

“I’m starting to…